Huge Real Estate Niche

Have you ever heard  the phrase “Get a Niche and Get Rich?”  There is a real estate Niche out there that ABSOLUTELY NOBODY is working.


If this is such a great Niche—why aren’t there several Realtors out there working it?  I hear you–but there is a reason!  Let me explain!

This is a 100% guaranteed loan from the Department of HUD that a few loan originators know about (VERY FEW) but almost NO Realtors have ever heard of.

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How BIG is the Niche?  Would you believe you could have over 100,000 potential Niche buyers all TO YOUR SELF?

What does NICHE mean?  Here it is NICHE = New Income Center Helps Earnings for YOU!

So who are the buyers?  You Wanna See?  Here it goes!

Buyer Professional Female

Working Professionals

OK, I have sold houses to many working professionals, why is this different?  Answer? She is part of your NICHE and you can reach her through TARGET Marketing.  Yes, you can reach her directly like no one else.

Good Answer–who else?  How about this guy:

Buyer Male

Single Guys Working on Their Careers

OK, I have sold houses to many single guys working on their careers, why is this different?  Answer?  He is also part of your NICHE and you can reach out to him through TARGET Marketing.  Yes, you can reach him too, directly like no one else.

Great Answer—who else?  How about growing families?  Wanna See?  OK, Let’s look:

1 Buyer Couple (1)

Growing Families 

Come on!  I have sold houses to many growing families, why is this different?  Answer?  This couple is IN YOUR NICHE!  NO OTHER AGENT KNOWS WHO THEY ARE—BUT YOU DO, AND YOU CAN REACH THEM.
I can reach them HOW?
Did you know that Facebook allows you to target where people work, what their interests are, where they live, what school they went to, age, income and many other criteria?
IF YOU KNOW WHO THE NICHE ARE YOU CAN REACH THEM EASILY.  I will be very happy to show you how.  Did you know there is a lot more to Facebook than the post telling your friend where you are eating today?
Learn how to approach your target market and expand real estate sales through Facebook.

In addition to Niche Marketing we specialize in luxury homes loan, jumbo loans, and Sec 184 loans.

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