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There is so much good going on with Empower Network, yes regular people can use their desire and skills to earn sizable monthly income but there is much more to it.



What Is Empower Network?
Empower Network is an internet marketing community that gives it’s members the power to create massive results  in any business without experiencing the common problems, challenges, and pitfalls most people experience when starting  a business.
In addition to the world-class information products, elite internet marketing training, and superior blogging platform; Empower Network’s affiliate program pays out 100% of the  commissions on all product sales and allows their members the chance to create a life-changing income from the comfort of their own home.


When Did Empower Network Start?
Empower Network got started on Oct. 31, 2011 and has paid out over $20,000,000 to it’s members so far. Even after the first year, the company is continuing to experience rapid growth.
In the first week of November 2012, Empower Network did the unthinkable and paid out over $1,000,000 in commissions to their members in just a week’s time. That fact alone puts Empower Network into a category of its own, as it continues to pioneer one of the biggest movements and active communities  on the internet.
What Is The ‘Prosperity Team’?
We’re a team of savvy, like-minded entrepreneurs who are leading the way towards a more successful tomorrow and  prosperous life for you and your family. We’re also considered  one of the most actively-engaged and sought-after teams  inside the Empower Network community because we give  you a 100% hands on, up to date, and practical approach towards delivering real results in your Empower Network business.
We recently joined forces with team ‘Love and Light’ and team  ’Simple Freedom’ to provide you with an enormous amount of  training and support, in addition to what you’ll get from Empower Network’s products. That includes live daily webinars with the  top leaders on our team where we give you step-by-step  assignments to complete every day, conference calls, a private  audio library, “over the shoulder” video training, marketing tools, done-for-you traffic co-ops, and the opportunity to see what real  6-figure earners are doing every day so you can legally “steal” their secrets!
Plus…we’re just a fun and motivating group to be around. :)


How Much Money Can I Make?
The amount of money you can make is completely up to you.  Without knowing who you are, what you look like, or where you came from, we can tell you that the two most important factors that influence and impact your ability to achieve greatness and success in any business are your Mindset and Attitude.
If you get in right now with an ‘ALL IN’ mentality (giving this 100% of your energy), follow the step-by-step action plan we give you, and work furiously until you have a breakthrough, absolutely nothing can stop you from making any amount of  money you desire. There are people who join with the intention of making an extra $1000 to $3,000 per month and then there are others who consistently earn upwards of $1000 – $3,000 per day!
It really boils down to your personal goals, aspirations, and dreams, along with how much willingness and work, energy and time, effort and resources you desire to put into the  business to obtain your money making visions.
How Fast Can I Make Money?
It depends….how fast do you want to? We have people who  earn thousands in their first month….first week….or even their first DAY. Making money fast is simple when you’re using a proven system that pays you 100% of the money when a sale is made, so it all depends on how quickly you can get into action and follow our system!
Will I Get Personal Support?
When you join the Prosperity team, not only will you have  the support of the entire team via our online community, you’ll also get access to our Live Daily Masterminds hosted 5 days a week by 6-figure earner, Mike Hobbs! On those live  trainings he answers any questions you have about marketing and gives you copy/paste daily assignments that are designed  to take you from $0-10,000 per month in 90 days or less.
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Here is one more option:  



Wow! 2014 Wish Machine! It’s actually a slide in the park but it grants wishes! WATCH!

2014 Wish Machine 1

So Far So Good!
Second step = make wish and re-enter slide  (how about pizza and a beer, and a guitar for Kory and a strange clown in the background)


Pizza!  Beer!  Guitar! and Clown!  Check

That went pretty well, let’s do this again
Third step = make another wish and re-enter slide  (how about prosperity)
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Empower Inner Circle Training saved a life!

I enjoyed this blog from Dave and Dave so thought I would pass it along:

Back in August, we did a high-level marketing seminar in Costa Rica called the “Empower Network Masters Retreat”. It was an exclusive retreat — and only 100 tickets were offered. It was a dynamic group of entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers — all there to learn how to get more results in their businesses, from the highest paid and most successful marketers in the industry today.
Scott Warner was one of the 100 seminar attendees. When we called him to the front of the room to share his personal story, I had no idea what would come out of his mouth — because like all the training we do, having him share his testimonial in the middle of the seminar was totally spontaneous and organic.
(if you’ve ever hung around Dave and I, you’ll see that the way we teach is mostly always unscripted and authentic, which allows us to be more open and teach at the rate in which the room is consuming the information. And it’s also because we don’t like to plan, and we’re sort of ADD — which works well for us LOL) What came next out of Scott’s mouth…. no one expected. And not a single eye was dry at the end.
The near tragic story tells how Scott came within minutes of killing himself but a traffic jam and Empower Network’s Inner Circle Audio training saved his life.
The product Scott referred to in the video is our “Inner Circle” Audio training program. Over the last year, we’ve had STORY AFTER STORY pour in — where someone heard something in one of our Inner Circle training audios that changed their business, and helped them start getting positive results in their marketing.
We’ve also heard STORY AFTER STORY, where someone heard a story of inspiration from one of the audios, that impacted them to not give up — to become more open in their relationships — and to let go of bad habits and redirect their energy to something positive in their life. 

But Every Once In While A “Confession” Comes In Like What Scott Shared….

….that leaves a lasting impression on you — and reinforces that all your hard work — and the pain you went through to get where your at — was not for nothing. But rather to help someone move past what seemed like a hopeless time in their life.

It’s stories like this that make the Empower Network difference, and set our products and training programs apart from anything else in the market. We are not just providers of information….. ….We are suppliers of Empowering wisdom. …..We are messengers of inspirational motivation. …..And we’re teachers of real life experience and TRUTH.

I’ll Share This With You (if you want to start creating success, faster):

Get set up with our blogging platform and start creating content today. You can literally be marketing on our blogging platform within minutes of buying it — with no confusing technical set-up, hassles or non-sense. It’s only $25.00 to join and we’ll take you through a “Fast Start” training series that will reveal to you the “8-Core Commitments” we’ve used over the last several years to sell millions of dollars of information products online, personally, in our own businesses, through our own marketing and low costs promotions.

Then, in Lesson 6 — you’ll learn about “Daily Audio”… and how it’s changed our life, and our business — and why we recommend you do it, too! Scott did. And it ended up being MUCH more valuable to him than just helping him build his business.

Here’s The Link To Get Started With Our Blogging Platform (*only $25)

And then… we’ll see you in the Inner Circle :-) – David Sharpe “Co-Founder of Empower and Marketing BadAss” P.S. Let us hear YOUR story! Leave your comments below and tell us how Empower Network Inner Circle audio training has impacted your business (and life)!