Spouses and Occupancy

The VA allows for a spouse to fulfill the occupancy requirement for an active duty military member who is deployed or who cannot otherwise live at the property within a reasonable time.

Unique situations may arise where the spouse of a veteran can fulfill the requirement if employment issues are making reasonable occupancy difficult.


Deployed service members, both single and married,can provide what the agency considers “valid intent” to occupy. This applies when they’re deployed from their permanent duty station. This provides a degree of necessary flexibility for homeowners who are  actively serving our nation both at home and abroad.

It’s important to note that VA lenders are required to factor in the cost of a couple’s separate living arrangement. That means any rental costs or other expenses associated with the separate housing situations can be factored into the overall debt-to-income ratio and other key metrics.

There is an additional special feature for VA Streamline refinance loans. In these cases, veterans only have to certify that they previously occupied the home. For example, a veteran who buys a home with a VA loan and then gets transferred overseas can rent out the home and still refinance that existing mortgage based on prior occupancy.


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