Why a Pre-Approval is Necessary!

We all love to look at houses that are for sale.  We may be in the market to purchase now or we may be in a future market but either way the first step is always to get Pre-Approved!

Did you know that Realtors will not accept any offer from a potential buyer without a Pre-Approval letter signed by a well known lender like myself?

In fact most Realtors are trained to not even show you a house until they know that you qualify.

Getting people qualified is my job!

Get Approved

Once you are Pre-Approved, I will issue a letter to your Realtor and only then will they start showing you homes, it’s just how they work!

Think about how important this actually is!  What if you qualify for a house of $150,000 but you are looking at houses for $200,000?  Even if you put an offer in at $180,000 and got it accepted, you would not get an approval for a loan–make sense?

Take just a moment and email me for a Quick Application.  I will let you know how much you qualify for–then you can start working with the Realtor.

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