Native American Dreams fulfilled here!

Many years ago the real estate industry coined the phrase “The American Dream” when encouraging families to own their own home.

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SEC 184 made our dreams possible!

Today, that dream is still alive.  Low interest rates and steady home prices have helped people who have rented most of their lives to step forward and become proud homeowners.

In 1992, the US Government noticed that while many families did indeed become homeowners, Native Americans as a whole did not. Welcome to the SEC 184 Loan!

Now more than ever, Native Americans can leave their landlords behind to accept the keys to their own home.


Get your keys right here!

SEC 184 has a low down payment, lower monthly payments and you can purchase anywhere in Colorado, New Mexico and other states.

SEC 184 is our passion!  It brings great satisfaction to us every time we assist a family achieve their dreams.

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