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Can you believe it? The Diamondbacks camp has already opened with pitchers and catchers reporting on Friday.  The Dodgers open this weekend and I found this awesome story by non other than legendary broadcaster Vin Scully…you’ll enjoy this



While the Dodgers are spending money like they print it, my Rockies need to take a turn on the 2014 WISH MACHINE for a chance to compete.

For me, when spring hits and balls start flying out of Coors Field, it usually marks a time for increased home sales as well.

We get busy with work, creating jumbo loans, FHA loans, SEC 184 Native American home loans, VA and USDA loans as well.

But we always have time to get people approved for loans.  For those that have been renting for a period of time and wonder HOW MUCH DO I QUALIFY FOR?   I encourage you to take a minute to find out–the process is simple and knowledge is power.



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