Posted by Todd McManigal on January 15, 2014

Where are they going?  I love sitting on my deck on the Red Hawk golf course in Castle Rock , Colorado looking north toward Denver and at any one time I can count 20 or more airplanes in the air.  Some are jumbo jets, some are 2 seaters but they are all up there together.

Ok, so when I see a jumbo jet high in the the sky heading west, I assume the highly empowered travelers are heading to destinations like San Diego, California or somewhere in Alaska.

Someday I’ll write a book with details of “where are they going?”  Today, this is a blog so it will be short.

Let’s take a look at San Diego:


So here we are, 70 degrees in January.  Ok, so that’s a few degrees warmer than we have in Denver but all the same, I see those jets and this is where my mind goes.  Vacation!

There are several really cool San Diego destinations, the Zoo, Sea World, your friend in the business likes this one:

Awesome SD

Ok,  so San Diego is HOT! in January.

WHAT ABOUT APRIL?  This is my idea of a great vacation!!!

BASEBALL   —   Padres style.  Let’s take a look:


Petco 3

.Petco Park  —  pretty cool huh?  Rockies Win!  Rockies Win!!!

Ok, so I sit here watching the jumbo jets.  They fly south west to San Diego and they fly north west. Really, north west—where.  how about Alaska?

If I were heading to Alaska, it wouldn’t be for baseball but it would be for this:


Fall in Alaska —  Awesome right?

YES I’d like to take a cruise — you with me here? — check this out!

That’s what I’m talking about!

I have spent many a beautiful Denver night sitting on the deck wondering where the lucky people in the jumbo jets are going.  These are just a few thoughts.  WHERE WOULD YOU BE GOING?

Well, back to reality, it is January in Denver and it’s cold but Pitchers and Catchers report in less than a month.  Soon we will be wondering who will be at the top of the rotation for the Rockies.  Gotta be Jorge right?

Here’s a view of my favorite place:  

Coors 2


Looking forward to Friday, April 4 Home Opener

I can’t do a The Todd Blog without at least mentioning one of my favorite Denver real estate listings, you know the kind, the ones that require a jumbo loan or a least a trip through the 2014 WISH MACHINE.

We have done homes with wine cellars, homes on golf courses, and homes with a pool, now it is time for a Google search for Homes with a tennis court.

Here it is!  17 Huntwick Land, Cherry Hills Village, Colorado.

As is often the case, this one is listed by Edie Marks of Kentwood Real Estate.

Let’s take a look:


Now for shots of the tennis court and pool:

23632399-2 (2)

Does this work for you?

23632399-5 (2)

Living in this house, with these luxury amenities and highend lifestyle is like living each day on vacation.  We don’t need to sit on the deck and watch the sky, just be Empowered and live the passion of blog. and a great jumbo life.

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And a few more San Diego pictures just for fun! 

 San Diego 1


San Diego








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