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Denver is the most expensive inland city to buy a house, according to a study released Tuesday by, a mortgage information website. looked at mortgage rates and median home prices in 25 of the country’s largest metropolitan areas to determine how much salary is needed to cover the principal and interest payments on the average home. Property taxes, insurance and other expenses do not factor in this calculation.

Chuck Strauss Listing

Denver was wedged between Portland, Ore., and Seattle as the 18th most affordable city out of 25, requiring an annual salary of $48,122 to afford a median-priced home here. (Entire list below.) used a mortgage rate of 4.43 percent and a median home price of $279,300 to calculate its Denver salary requirement.

(That seems like a low salary needed to afford the payments for a $279,300 home, but I just report what they tell me.)

In fact, reports that a 2.65 percent drop in the media home price in Denver in the fourth quarter of 2013 and a slight drop in mortgage rates equated to drop of about $2,500 in the salary requirement here.

“The Denver housing market has been known for its consistency — prices never rose too fast or fell too hard. The depreciation in quarterly prices was milder compared with some cities,” said in the report.

Nationally, found that affordability has increased significantly since the third quarter of 2013 as home prices and mortgage rates have fallen.

Not so much in San Francisco, though, where you’d need a salary of $115,510 to afford a median-priced home at $682,410.

If you want a bargain, try Ohio, which had the top two most affordable cities on the list — Cleveland and Cincinnati.

Here’s the top 25 metro areas, ranked in order of affordability in terms of annual salary requirements:

  1. Cleveland: $19,435.17
  2. Cincinnati: $22,226.95
  3. St. Louis: $22,397.54
  4. Atlanta: $24,390.94
  5. Tampa: $24,650.88
  6. Orlando: $28,298.47
  7. San Antonio: $29,305.47
  8. Dallas: $29,751.24
  9. Houston: $31,298.99
  10. Chicago: $32,388.90
  11. Phoenix: $32,811.94
  12. Minneapolis: $33,800.09
  13. Philadelphia: $36,836.47
  14. Baltimore: $41,155.40
  15. Sacramento: $42,832.20
  16. Miami: $43,918.66
  17. Portland, Ore.: $45,872.78
  18. Denver: $48,122.72
  19. Seattle: $59,129.86
  20. Washington, D.C.: $62,809.63
  21. Boston: $63,673.13
  22. New York City: $66,167.27
  23. Los Angeles: $72,126.90
  24. San Diego: $81,570.40
  25. San Francisco: $115,510.06

How did determine these salaries? took the National Association of Realtors’ 2013 fourth-quarter data for median home prices as well as our 2013 fourth-quarter average interest rate for 30-year, fixed-rate mortgages to determine how much money homebuyers in 25 major cities would need to earn in order to purchase the median-priced home in their market.

We determined the after-tax income required to cover only the mortgage’s principal and interest payment. We used standard 28 percent “front-end” debt ratios, and a 20 percent down payment subtracted from the median home price data to arrive at our figures.

There is no doubt that your income will need to be much higher, possibly even double or triple this level, to cover the needed taxes, insurances and other expenses to live in the home, plus the down payment and any other debts you might have. Since those are highly variable, down to even the individual property level and personal choice, there is no adequate way to factor for them.

That’s where you come in. We’ve given you the basic, bottom-line income you need to cover the mortgage; to this, add the annual cost of taxes and insurance to arrive at a realistic cost to obtain a home in your chosen city. Depending upon where you are, these can add up to as much as the mortgage payment itself, or more!

The best bet is to get a payment estimate up front when you request your credit report.

To find out how much you qualify for  CLICK HERE

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Real Estate Report February 2014

Real Estate Trends Newsletter -- A weekly news update for mortgage professionals

Oil Hits $100
Another effect of a long and cold winter is invariably the rising cost of energy. Energy bills get hit with a double whammy in a cold winter. First, homes use more energy for heating purposes because of the cold and because we are home more often and secondly the cost of the energy we use goes up because of higher demand. Thus after a nice respite with lower energy costs which helped the economy last year, we start this year with oil prices hitting a benchmark of $100 per barrel in the middle of February with natural gas prices rising as well. The next question is–will this hurt the economy?
When consumers spend more on energy costs, this leaves less discretionary income to spend elsewhere. So it is not surprising that we saw a weak report on retail sales released recently. We should also point out that more energy used by homes also increases economic output and this will factor in the first quarter numbers as well. However, it is the cold spurring higher energy prices–not stronger economic growth. The cold winter will end soon. This means that higher energy prices could be a temporary phenomenon.


Or, if the economy is bolstered by latent demand after the long and cold winter, these levels could be the new normal. Energy costs affect more than consumer spending — they affect consumer trends as well. For example, higher energy costs spur housing sales closer to the center of cities versus the far out suburbs. This is part of a trend that has been occurring over the past decade. Thus, the cost of oil and gas bears watching even when we are not at the pump enjoying the better weather ahead. Meanwhile we will see economic reports this week covering consumer confidence, personal income and spending, as well as pending and new home sales as we approach another wave of jobs data next week.


The Markets. Rates rose moderately for the second straight week. Freddie Mac announced that for the week ending February 20, 30-year fixed rates increased to 4.33% from 4.28% the week before. The average for 15-year loans was up slightly to 3.35%. Adjustable rates rose slightly as well with the average for one-year adjustables rising to 2.57% and five-year adjustables increasing to 3.08%. A year ago 30-year fixed rates were at 3.56%. Attributed to Frank Nothaft, vice president and chief economist, Freddie Mac — “Rates on home loans crept up further following the uptick in the 10-year Treasury yield as minutes of the Federal Reserve’s last meeting indicated little possibility of a pause in the central bank’s reduction of bond purchases.
Housing starts in January fell 16 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 888,000 units, below consensus forecast. Permits were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 937,000 in January, also below consensus.”  Rates indicated do not include fees and points and are provided for evidence of trends only. They should not be used for comparison purposes.

Current Indices For Adjustable Rate Mortgages Updated February 21, 2014
Daily Value Monthly Value
Feb 20 January
6-month Treasury Security 0.08%  0.07%
1-year Treasury Security 0.12%  0.12%
3-year Treasury Security 0.72%  0.78%
5-year Treasury Security 1.57%  1.65%
10-year Treasury Security 2.76%  2.86%
12-month LIBOR    0.575% (Jan)
12-month MTA    0.129% (Jan)
11th District Cost of Funds    0.784% (Dec)
Prime Rate    3.25%



Even though new federal rules for home loans kicked in this year, and lenders’ standards remain high, Americans are increasingly likely to think it’s “easy” to get a home loan, according to a report released recently. Last month 52% of respondents to a survey from federally controlled mortgage buyer Fannie Mae said they thought it would be “easy” to get a home loan today. That share was a record-high for the series, which goes back to mid-2010. Fannie’s survey polls 1,000 American adults each month. January’s result should be good news for housing-market observers who have been concerned about the impact of new rules, along with rising rates, on demand. It seems that at least some would-be borrowers aren’t letting an evolving marketplace get them too down. Indeed, 70% of Fannie’s respondents said in January that they would buy a home if they were to move, matching a series high hit in October. While Fannie’s results may be a bit surprising, recent data from the Federal Reserve signaled that some large banks are easing standards for prime home mortgages. Source: Market Watch
The housing market is heating up, yet many house hunters are not prepared to take on the biggest purchases of their lives. When it comes to home loans, homebuyers answered basic questions about terms, how to choose a lender and financing wrong nearly one-third of the time, according to an April survey of more than 1,000 current and prospective homeowners by real estate website Zillow. Among the survey’s findings, 31% of buyers don’t think it’s possible to get a home loan for less than 5% down; 34% don’t know what the term “annual percentage rate” (APR) means and one in four believe you must close with the lender that pre-approves your home loan. And 24% of buyers believe the best deals are available through the banks where they currently have their savings and checking accounts, but often competing lenders can undercut those banks by large margins. “If a homebuyer can lower their interest rate by even half a percentage point, they can not only increase their purchasing power, but save thousands of dollars over the life of the loan,” said Lantz. Many house hunters go shopping with financing in place because it enables them to act more quickly if they see a home they want. But 26% of buyers believe that once they’re pre-approved, they’re obligated to close the deal with those loans, according to the survey. In reality, there’s no obligation. If buyers see better terms available they should take them. Existing homeowners can also be guilty of ignorance. Some 20% of homeowners surveyed didn’t know that underwater loans — those in which borrowers owe more than their homes are worth — can be refinanced into lower rate loans. Finally, the survey found that nearly a third of homeowners are unaware that if they go through a foreclosure or short sale, they may not have to wait the full seven years it takes for their credit score to recover and they can buy a home again. In reality,

some homeowners who do short sales can obtain financing to buy another home in as little as two years. Source: CNN/Money
Builders are expected to increase new-home production in 2014, but the sector continues to grapple with several challenges that could hinder its progress, economists said at the National Association of Home Builders International Builders’ Show this week in Las Vegas. “Consumers are back, pent-up demand is emerging, there is a growing need for new construction, distressed sales are diminishing, and builders see it,” says David Crowe, NAHB’s chief economist. However, builders continue to face rising costs for building materials, difficulties in obtaining appraisals that reflect builders’ prices, and limited availability in labor and developed lots, Crowe says. Borrowing costs will likely inch higher this year since rates are expected to climb as the Fed begins to taper its $85 billion per month bond-buying stimulus program. Still, “regarding rates, we’ve gone from dirt cheap to cheap, and I think we will see a gradual rise of about a half a percentage point to 5 percent in 2014,” says Frank Nothaft, Freddie Mac’s chief economist. Even then, he adds, “most markets will remain quite affordable.” New-home sales are averaging 8.7 percent of total home sales – just barely half the historical average of 16.1 percent, according to NAHB. Crowe projects 1.15 million total housing starts in 2014, up nearly 25 percent from the 2013 total of 928,000 units. Single-family production is expected to increase 32 percent in 2014 to 822,000 units, and then rise an additional 41 percent to 1.16 million units in 2015. Source: NAHB

This is a guest commentary from Melvin Vallejos through Origination Pro

Melvin Vallejos
American Mortgage & Equity Consultants, Inc.
6211 San Mateo NE, Suite 150
Albuquerque, NM 87109

NMLS ID: 303915
NMLS Company ID: 150953






What Is Empower Network?
Empower Network is an internet marketing community that gives it’s members the power to create massive results  in any business without experiencing the common problems, challenges, and pitfalls most people experience when starting  a business.
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When Did Empower Network Start?
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Slide check 3


Here is one more option:  



Wow! 2014 Wish Machine! It’s actually a slide in the park but it grants wishes! WATCH!

2014 Wish Machine 1

So Far So Good!
Second step = make wish and re-enter slide  (how about pizza and a beer, and a guitar for Kory and a strange clown in the background)


Pizza!  Beer!  Guitar! and Clown!  Check

That went pretty well, let’s do this again
Third step = make another wish and re-enter slide  (how about prosperity)
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Homes with walkout basements and decks looking over the golf course–Watch those hackers HACK

 My house on Red Hawk Golf Course Has one of the best Walkout Basements in Castle Rock.  Walk right out to the long par 5.  Go upstairs to the deck and see the hackers HACK!
But when buyers Google “homes for sale with walk-out basements” what do they have in mind?  Let’s find out. 

One of the things we like about our walkout basement is that the dog can stay down stairs in winter months and go outside from the walkout basement and never come up stairs.  Love it!

It is also a great place to play ping pong and pool.  Let’s take a look at a few awesome basements and then we will look at homes for sale in Denver with walkout basements.

Walk out basement pool room

Inside View of Walkout Basement and Pool Table Room

Walk out Basement 1

Great Exterior View of a Walkout Basement —  The Dog Loves It!

Walk out basement theater room

Awesome Finished Basement with Theater Room — Rockies Room!

Walk out Basement with potential

Check Out Walkout Basement with great potential–what would you do here?

Ok, The Todd Blog would not be complete without a look at some current Denver homes for sale.
While most houses for sale with a walkout basement also require a jumbo loan, I did dig down and find some real nice homes available in Denver.  Let’s take a look.
2975 Piper Dr, Erie, Colorado has pretty much everything, from the walkout basement to a pool table room to a theater room. 

Walkout to the back yard from the fabulous basement!


Google:  Houses for sale with pool table rooms


Google:  Houses for sale with theater rooms
Well, that’s it for your Friend in the Business real estate blog for this weekend, we have reviewed homes for sale with wine cellars, homes for sale with swimming pools, homes for sale with tennis courts, and now homes for sale with home theater and walkout basements.
Coming soon–Homes for sale with a bar.  Should be fun!  The Passion of Blog!  Be Empowered!



Homes for sale with a deck — The Margarita Spot

 Great Homes for sale with a deck.  For me this is a fabulous place to entertain friends and share a margarita. My house on Red Hawk Golf Course Has one of the best decks in Castle Rock.  From the deck I can look right out over the long par 5 and see the hackers HACK! One thing we like about our deck is a view.  We have a view of the mountains, views of the golf course, views of city lights and even a view of the Castle Rock.  Love it!


It is also a great place to rest up after a long day of work.  Let’s take a look at a few awesome decks and then we will look at homes for sale in Denver with walkout basements.

But when buyers search Google for “homes for sale with a deck” what else do they have in mind?  Views of the swimming pool, views of the tennis court, fresh air, sunshine?  Let’s find out.

Here are a few beautiful decks I found pictures of that I would like to share.

Deck and Bar

This deck is cool because it also serves as a refreshing bar  –  a great place to entertain!

Deck 2

Love the mountain in the back ground!  Deck with a view!


My place for Filet Mignon and great fresh air.

Deck Denver

How about the Fire Pit!

Ok, now it’s time to reveal some “homes for sale in Denver with great decks”

Being the mortgage guy with the passion for real estate, especially Colorado real estate, I was scanning some more listings today and ran across one just up the hill from Castle Rock, in Castle Pines.

This listing belongs to Rike Palese and Jonathan Keiler of Re/Max Professionals in Englewood, Colorado.

Here’s what makes this one special to me…this is a home with a view!  A view of pine trees which are my favorite.  It is also a home with a three car garage.  Like I always say, I like space.

OK, want to see it?  Here are this pictures that make it special to me:  The deck next to the pines.


Castle Pines Beauty


Love the protection of the stone wall and flagstone

Why do I take the time to blog about real estate?  Two reasons, I help buyers who need a loan, whether a Jumbo Loan or any other loan type, to buy a beautiful property like this one and I enjoy blogging.


I ran into a great company, Empower Network, that specializes in Internet Marketing including blogging and much more.  I would encourage anyone who runs their own business, especially Realtors to investigate Empower Network to see how they can use it to grow their business.

So The Todd Blog was born!

Contributors to this Blog:


Ok, I love real estate, while I love historic homes like the ones in downtown Denver, most of us buy newer homes, the ones we find in Golden, Boulder, Castle Rock, Parker and so on.

Tonight, I want to promote my ”Featured Realtor” portion of The Todd Blog. The Realtor From Down Under!  Yes, Mandy Dowell of Re/Max Alliance Here is my blog from January 6:     Click Here

Since I am passionate about real estate, I watch Realtor sites and listings regularly.
I ran across Mandy Dowell and the fact that she is originally from Australia caught my attention.  As an alumn of the University of New Mexico, I am a huge fan of the UNM Lobos. 
Why does this fact make a difference?  The Lobos have two players in the starting lineup from Australia.  Cameron Bairstow just scored 29 points in the conference opener last night against Colorado State.
Now:  Why Mandy?

I have a house I need to list and sell, WHY do I hire Mandy? One word:  Staging!  She how Mandy stages her listings:

Staging is the Key to My Success

Staging is completely 100% included, no additional fees! Staging your home, adding designer colors, adding new lighting or retiring the old carpet can be the key to selling your home faster.

Interesting Facts About Staged Homes

1. Staged properties are 83% less time on the market.  2. Staged properties are sold at 17% higher average selling price   3. Staged properties sell 2-5 times faster than un-staged properties  4. Homes with staged on-line photos attract more showings than homes not staged  5. Studies also show that small rooms appear larger when properly staged.

Top Five Reasons for Staging

Here are five of the top reasons why staging is one of the best investments the owner of a vacant listed property could possible make in what is now widely considered to be a highly competitive “buyers market.”

1. Today’s buyer is shopping the INTERNET FIRST – Statistics have shown that 85% of buyers are starting the home buying process by surfing the net before even contacting a realtor. And because many of the photographs are so poor on the MLS listings, there are great homes that are not even being physically seen. Needless to say, a large number of the homes that fall into this category are vacant.

2. Today’s buyer is no longer just searching for a place to live – they are searching for a home that will provide a LIFESTYLE! Buyers want to see themselves living in the property, raising their family there, entertaining friends there. Sellers must make that very important emotional connection with a home that tells them, “this is it, this is the one!” That connect is very difficult when they are looking at are bare walls and empty rooms which lack the warmth and personality of the homes that have been stylishly furnished! 

3. Only 10% of Home Buyers that actually tour the property can actually VISUALIZE the potential of a vacant home, which means 9 out of 10 people cannot. Buyers must have a frame of reference that shows them scale and size of the rooms… where they would put their sofa and entertainment center OR if their king size bed would even fit in the Master Bedroom OR how would they furnish that odd little room off the Kitchen. Is it supposed to be an office, another family room… guest room, what? All they can see are bare walls.

Most Buyers cannot imagine all of this wonderful possibilities of the home, and without answers to their questions, they walk away. This is something production home builders have known for many years, and this is why they have elected to make the investment to show their model homes fully furnished! 4

. When a home is vacant, buyers FOCUS ON THE NEGATIVES – They have nothing else to look at so their eyes will zero in on the negatives i.e. the small crack in the wall, the tile that is chipped, the carpeting that needs to replaced, or the wall covering in the Master Bathroom that they really don’t like. Home Staging is designed to accentuate the positive features of the home while de-emphasizing the negatives.

5. Vacant homes statistically STAY ON THE MARKET LONGER than a home that has been staged – and will SEND OUT A DISTRESS SIGNAL… suggesting buyers that you, the sellers, have moved on and are going to be DESPERATE TO SELL. Invariably, this will result in receiving LOWER OFFERS. It is certainly better to price your home attractively, and give the appearance of occupancy. Statistically, homes that have been staged sell more quickly, and for top dollar! To Reach Mandy, Click Here  or email her at 

If you are in the market to purchase a home but you have not yet Pre-Qualified for a JUMBO loan, please go to   We specialize in Jumbo loans.

You can also get pre-qualified by contacting me at:


Featured Realtor — Chuck Strauss– Native American Specialist

 As a mortgage professional, I like to link my business with ultra real estate professionals! There are many Realtors to choose from but there are FEW that should be chosen to list your most precious asset. I surveyed dozens of Realtors and ask them:  ”WHY SHOULD I LIST MY PROPERTY WITH YOU?”   I asked the 12 questions that I would want to know.  Please note the responses from Chuck Stauss.  I consider Chuck as a VERY Serious Real Estate Professional and a Specialist in Native American Homes. Check this out!  Chuck’s answers are in Blue!
While doing some research to choose a real estate professional, the first thing I noticed is there are so many Realtors! 
Of course, as a seller, I like the competition because I believe I will find just the right agent to represent me and get me the highest price, but I do have a few questions:1. How long have you been in residential real estate sales? 8 Years as a Realtor® and another 30 as a small business owner                    

2.  What designations do you hold 
SRES® (Seniors Real Estate Specialis); CDPE® (Certified Distressed Property Expert) 3. How many homes did you and your real estate brokerage sell last year?
I did 15 transactions last year (same as 2012) not sure on the total for Your Castle, but we are the 2nd largest non-franchised brokerage in Denver.  4. How many days did it take you to sell the average home?  and How did that compare to the overall market?
Average in 2012 was 42 days, which is better than the market average. 5. How close to the initial asking prices of the homes you sold were the final sale prices?  
97% 6. What types of specific marketing systems and approaches will you use to sell my home?   and 
  What has been your best tool?  Send me to your Website or blog address, this is a big factor to me, I love technology..
I market, market, market! Some tools include (and these can be better demonstrated in person) Circle Pix (internet and youtube videos) property specific HD photography and website, weekly email blasts to 10,000 Realtors®. As examples, please check out . My personal site (with great search capabilities) is
 7. Will you represent me exclusively if you find a buyer, or will you represent both me  and the buyer in the transaction?        and How will it benefit me? 
My first choice is to represent seller only. This can be accomplished by dealing with the buyer as a customer. If this does not fit their ideal, then we will find them a buyer’s agent so that I can represent the seller exclusively, as opposed to changing the relationship to transaction.
 8. Can you recommend a contractor/handy man to make home repairs needed after inspections?   and 
Do you have skill at staging my home?   Explain – if you have pictures, 
please send.
I have an extensive list of contractors to do minor and/or major repairs that are necessary. I recommend a pre-list inspection so that there are no surprises. I have a stager that I really respect and offer an initial staging consultation at my cost (additional services, if contracted, would be your responsibility). While I can make recommendations, I feel that a professional opinion on staging makes a huge difference. A recent listing used a professional stagers services; home sold in less than 30 days at full asking price.
 9. What type Technology does your brokerage office provide to you?  Websites, blogs, virtual tours?
All of the above and more.
 10. What’s your business philosophy?   A great answer here will make you shine and help you get the listing. 
My only goal is to make sure that my clients are given the absolute best in service to make sure that their needs are met, expectations are exceeded and their real estate transaction is the best ever. I go by the Platinum Rule: “Treat Others the Way they Want to be Treated”!
 11. How will you keep me informed about the progress of my transaction? How frequently? 
In an initial meeting, communication expectations are outlined and defined in writing. Then that schedule is met or enhanced as necessary. This usually means weekly updates (even if there is nothing to report) and then additional communication as circumstances dictate.  12. Are you able to give me the names and phone numbers of three past clients?
I will check to make sure that they are OK with this, but certainly I can do that. 
So there you have it!  Chuck is obviously VERY serious about Real Estate.
Please contact Chuck  CLICK HERE     Or Email Chuck at ””  Your Castle Real Estate
For mortgage information, CLICK HERE  or Email 
Interested in the SEC 184 loan for NATIVE AMERICANS?


Empower Inner Circle Training saved a life!

I enjoyed this blog from Dave and Dave so thought I would pass it along:

Back in August, we did a high-level marketing seminar in Costa Rica called the “Empower Network Masters Retreat”. It was an exclusive retreat — and only 100 tickets were offered. It was a dynamic group of entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers — all there to learn how to get more results in their businesses, from the highest paid and most successful marketers in the industry today.
Scott Warner was one of the 100 seminar attendees. When we called him to the front of the room to share his personal story, I had no idea what would come out of his mouth — because like all the training we do, having him share his testimonial in the middle of the seminar was totally spontaneous and organic.
(if you’ve ever hung around Dave and I, you’ll see that the way we teach is mostly always unscripted and authentic, which allows us to be more open and teach at the rate in which the room is consuming the information. And it’s also because we don’t like to plan, and we’re sort of ADD — which works well for us LOL) What came next out of Scott’s mouth…. no one expected. And not a single eye was dry at the end.
The near tragic story tells how Scott came within minutes of killing himself but a traffic jam and Empower Network’s Inner Circle Audio training saved his life.
The product Scott referred to in the video is our “Inner Circle” Audio training program. Over the last year, we’ve had STORY AFTER STORY pour in — where someone heard something in one of our Inner Circle training audios that changed their business, and helped them start getting positive results in their marketing.
We’ve also heard STORY AFTER STORY, where someone heard a story of inspiration from one of the audios, that impacted them to not give up — to become more open in their relationships — and to let go of bad habits and redirect their energy to something positive in their life. 

But Every Once In While A “Confession” Comes In Like What Scott Shared….

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Build My Credit Score Step 1

Step One: Keep the Proper Credit Card Balance.

Did you know that your credit card balances on each credit card should always be lower than 30 percent of the limit? For instance, if you have a $10,000 spending limit on your Visa, keep your Visa credit card balance below $3,000 at all times, even if you pay your bill in full each month.

Girl with Card

The debt you carry on a credit card in proportion to the balance is called a “utilization rate,” and credit bureaus respond more favorably to people with low utilization rates. The lower the utilization rate, the better your score.

You must keep your credit card balance below 30 percent month-round. Maintaining a higher balance, but paying the bill below 30 percent at month’s end is not a sufficient strategy. Credit card companies want to know that you consistently live within your means, so you must always shoot for the 30 percent target.

What about your credit card balance on that card with no preset limit, such as an American Express card? Cards with no present spending limit usually work like this: The credit bureaus will take the highest balance you have ever had on your credit card and use this as your default balance. Let’s say that your highest balance was $8000. Credit bureaus would act as if $8000 were your limit, meaning your balance should never be more than $2400.

If your utilization rate is too high, you should do one or more of the following:

1.     Transfer fund among your credit cards so that each card has a 30 percent balance or less; and /or

2.     Pay off any debts that put your balance above 30 percent of the limit; and/or

3.     Ask your credit card company to increase your limit so that your balance is less than 30 percent; and/or

4.     Open another credit card account and transfer balances accordingly (but only after you learn about the right number of credit cards to carry).

Keeping the right credit card balance is one of the most important things you can do to increase your credit score, but keep reading the other steps that explain how to build credit.

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